Intersect Dance Theatre (IDT) is a contemporary modern dance company based in Riverside, CA, founded and artistically directed by Sofia Carreras. IDT explores the many facets of performance art including dance theater, improvisation, and intermedia collaborations. We are committed to breaking the boundaries of contemporary choreography while exceeding technical standards to create work that is progressive theatrical, thought provoking, and emotionally resonant. IDT embraces an aesthetic vision that draws on the past and future, classical and avant-garde, dance and theatre, social and aesthetics contexts, emotional and intellectual blends as a constant exploration of its direction in making dance as an artform.


Open Company Classes  TBA



Classes are designed for dancers with previous contemporary or ballet experience. Classes explore Intersect’s unique methodology and biomechanics at the barre,through improvisation, and contemporary center and floor work.

Schedule is to be announced. Please follow us on Facebook for updates